Our Story

It is a truth universally acknowledged that three best friends in possession of a passion for books must be in want of sharing it. 

Ashley, Jacie, and Maxi met many moons ago while working in retail and quickly bonded over their love of reading and  passion for leaving the world better than they found it. About eight years later, over coffee and a chocolate chip cookie at Barnes and Noble, Noveltea Books was born. 

We hope you enjoy this creation as much as we do, and we encourage you to shoot us an email to share your favorite book with us. We’re always looking for recommendations! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Noveltea boxes different than others?

The word “novelty” refers to an item that is unusual or original. We named our company Noveltea Books because our literary inspired offerings are carefully curated and intentional. As consumers of these types of items ourselves, we wanted to make sure our boxes were full of things that felt intentional, not cluttered. We thoughtfully pair each book selection with a complementary tea and then source additional novelty items primarily from small businesses that fit the theme of each box.

How do you source your second-hand books?

We find them anywhere and everywhere! Sometimes we purchase them second (or third, or fourth) hand online, and sometimes we go out in person to hunt for the perfect copies. The best, however, is when they find us! If you have any favorite ways to source pre-loved books, let us know!

Are these boxes available for subscription? 

Right now our boxes are all going to be for sale individually. We’d love to pivot to a subscription format eventually, but don’t worry - we will always have individual boxes available for gifting purposes. Some of our themed Noveltea boxes will be available evergreen for a birthday, Christmas, or Thinking of You gift (among more!).

What are your favorite books?

We all love different things but we have major overlap, mostly due to each other’s influence. Ashley loves romance, Maxi loves thrillers, and Jacie loves literary fiction. We encourage each other to read outside of our comfort zone all the time and we’d love for you all to encourage us too! Hop over to the Novelette and see what resonates with you.

You’ve mentioned creating a Noveltea community before. Is there a Facebook page or something I can join? 

We have a Facebook page that you can join, but we don't have a book club group yet (it's in the works!). Follow us on Instagram at @novelteabooks.co for more updates and feel free to DM us about what you’d like to see offered as a part of our book club. Also, check out our blog where we can share our thoughts and ideas with each other in the meantime.

Can I suggest a book for your next box? 

Yes, please - we’d love to hear from you! We can’t guarantee we’ll use every request, but we’d be grateful if you’d send your thoughts our way. 

I’m a small business owner and I think my product would be perfect for your boxes! How can we work together?

This is SO exciting to hear! Please email us at hello@novelteabooks.co with the subject line “YOU HAVE BEWITCHED ME.”

I have a question/issue with my order. How can I get in touch?

First, we’re so sorry to hear that! Please email us at hello@novelteabooks.co and we’ll do our best to make things right.

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