A Peek Inside the Box: New Chapter

A Peek Inside the Box: New Chapter

The New Chapter box is thoughtfully curated by the Novelteam for those who are ready to start fresh and live in their authenticity. 

The Awakening by Kate Chopin

The Awakening is one of those books that we read in high school and found that it actually stuck with us - rare, we know. After revisiting it a few times as adults, we began to understand why  Edna’s story burrowed into the very fabric of our beings: We all want to be able to live as our authentic selves, unburdened by societal restraints. 

We are reminded that while Edna had to make drastic changes to free herself in 1899, we have the privilege to start a new chapter in our lives whenever we feel inclined. 

Your copy is sourced second-hand by our Novelteam to reduce waste and give this story it’s own new chapter on your bookshelf. It will be worn, sometimes annotated by past-readers, and we can guarantee it will have been loved. Feel free to pass it on to someone who needs it when you’re finished.

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Beautiful Wondermint Tea

We paired The Awakening with the delicious Beautiful Wondermint Tea because the invigorating herbal blend is sure to awaken your senses! 

Grace & Gratitude, a local (to us!) WOC-owned business, personally blended this mixture of mint, chamomile, hibiscus, and rose to aid in sharpening our minds and boosting our energy. This tea is anti-inflammatory and caffeine-free so you can enjoy a hearty mug at any time of the day! 

Pro-Tip: Don’t have a tea strainer? Make a cup of tea the environmentally friendly way. Pour your hot water directly over your loose leaf tea in cup #1. Allow the leaves to steep according to the package directions while the leaves settle on the bottom of the cup. Then, pour the steeped tea into cup #2 (over the sink - be careful). Keep the tea leaves in mug #1 and just refill it with more water if you want another cup. Second steepings often reveal different flavors than the first, so enjoy!

Thoughtfully Sourced Novelty Items

In addition to our book and tea choices, we’ve selected two more items that we hope will ensnare your senses (comment the reference) and inspire you to get started on your new chapter. 

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New Chapter Candle by Scaredy Cat Candle Co.

This warmly-scented candle was mixed exclusively for Noveltea Books by Scaredy Cat Candle Co (owned by our co-founder, Maxi!). It has notes of amber, oud, and a touch of pine to envelope you in coziness and comfort. Brew your tea, strike a match, and sit down to plan your new beginning. 

Pro-Tip: Once you’ve finished burning your candle, you can remove the wax and re-use and recycle by storing your loose leaf tea in the jar! Remove the wax easily by putting the used candle jar in the freezer. Once frozen, the remaining wax will pop out easily. 

Daily Organizer Pad by Blueprint Paper Co.

Speaking of planning, the Daily Organizer Pad is a simple & sleek notepad designed and printed by Blueprint Paper Co (owned by co-founder Jacie!). Use this hefty pad (it’ll last you forever - trust us!) to keep your plans, intentions, and gratitude at top of mind. 

Now Start Your New Chapter

We hope you enjoy the inspiration found within our inaugural box, and we look forward to hearing about how it made an impact on you. We encourage you to drop us a line and let us know your thoughts.

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