Introducing Noveltea Books: Your Favorite Literary Themed Gift Box & Book Community

Introducing Noveltea Books: Your Favorite Literary Themed Gift Box & Book Community

Whether you’re treating yourself or treating a friend, Noveltea’s small batch assortments of books, tea, and novelty items are sure to delight anyone who finds joy in books.

The Team Behind Noveltea Books

Our founders - Ashley, Jacie, and Maxi - met many moons ago while working together in retail. They quickly bonded over a shared love of reading and found themselves daydreaming about one day owning their own bookshop. 

Even after leaving retail and moving down different career paths, all three remained committed to starting a business together. After many evenings spent brainstorming over chocolate chip cookies in the Barnes and Noble Cafe, Noveltea Books was born. 

Our Novelteam (see what we did there?) is thrilled to introduce ourselves and welcome all book lovers into our cozy community where intersectionality and sustainability are top of mind.

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The Book Themed Boxes

Every Noveltea Box will have one second-hand book, an accompanying tea, and 2-4 additional novelty items that are centered around the encompassing theme or aesthetic. 

While some boxes will be evergreen (always available for purchase), others will be limited drops - so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when a new box is in the works!

Our first box, New Chapter, is perfect for anyone who wants to start fresh and feel invigorated. 

The Future of Noveltea

As we evolve, we would love to offer Noveltea as a subscription service for our quarterly boxes. We also have boxes in the works for birthdays, graduations, motivation, and more. 

Keep an eye out for an invitation to our virtual book club where we can go deeper into conversation about our quarterly book choices, as well as our favorite reads, teas, and themes. 

Feel free to comment below with your favorite book and a theme you’d love to see in one of our Noveltea Book boxes!

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